Department of Forensic Psychology

General information

Eight psychologists are employed at the Forensic Psychology Department of the Institute of Forensic Research in Kraków. Among the employees, one holds the title of Professor, three have PhD degrees and four MA degree. Moreover, one employee has also graduated in Resocialisation Pedagogy. All are forensic experts.

Head of Forensic Psychology Department:

Alicja Czerederecka, PhD

The Department carries out research and issues expert opinions concerning adults and children.

The expert opinions primarily concern:

  • establishing motivation for acts and statements of adult suspects and the accused
  • analysis of the psychological conditioning of adult and juvenile testimonies and  their evaluation criteria
  • establishing psychological profiles of unknown crime perpetrators
  • establishing motives for a possible suicide in cases of sudden death or disappearance of a person
  • determining the capability of people to perform certain legal actions
  • constructing a psychological profile of a deceased person in order  to evaluate the capability to make a declaration of will (e.g. in a testament)
  • evaluation of competence of people vying for custody and for the legal regulation of the care over a child
  • diagnosis of maladjustment and the establishment of guidelines for social rehabilitation of minor and juvenile criminals.

Research work

Research carried out here is closely connected with the work of the Department. In recent years the following issues have been at the forefront  of the scientific interest of the Department:

  • evaluation criteria of competence of people vying for custody of a child,
  • creation of psychological profiles of unknown crime perpetrators,
  • crimes committed by female perpetrators,
  • evaluation of risk factors for violent behaviour in juveniles,
  • psychological and psychiatric criteria of annulment of will in civil cases.

The Department also organizes in-service training for psychologists and lawyers encompassing the above-mentioned areas, as well as ethical and practical problems faced by a forensic psychological expert.

Department staff have actively participated in the work of the Forensic Psychology Section of the Polish Psychological Association, the European Association of Psychology and Law (EAPL) and the International Association of Investigative Psychology (IA-IP).

Selected publications

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