Scientific Information Division

Biblioteka IES

IFR Library

General information

This division has many different responsibilities. Five persons work there, including two philologists working for the publishers’ office and library and a person dealing with typesetting and paging.

Head of Division:

Małgorzata Wojciechowska, MA

Employees of the SID mediate in the international collaboration of the Institute, work at the IFR Publishers’ Office and in the library. In this section, grants are also preapred for international exchanges within the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci programme. Moreover, people working within this division collect, record, and organise information on the scientific activities of employees of the Institute: their publications, participation in conferences, Ministry of Science grants, classes with students, training courses and workshops, etc. SID employees also participate in the organisation of training courses and conferences that take place under the auspices of our Institute.

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